Late last year I had the opportunity to appear on the CodeNewbies podcast! Saron and I talked about Offline First, and I have to say, she is so cool. She’s a great interviewer and the CodeNewbies community is absolutely fantastic.

If you haven’t heard to the podcast, you can give it a listen here: link.

Offline First is an idea that apps should work in an offline capacity. It doesn’t have to mean that 100% of the app’s features work offline. Instead it can just mean that an app uses a service worker and indexeddb to store off someone’s data in the event of internet loss.

The important takeaway from Offline First is that you consider at the beginniing, what will happen when my app loses connection? It’s important to frame this as when your app loses connection because it will definitely happen to everyone.

Following along with the CodeNewbie chat was incredibly interesting. You can see the story here.

We know from studies that internet access is based on income, but it was really interesting to see that play out in the chat:

It was really interesting seeing how many people were affected by a lack of internet, and also their ingenuity for staying connected. Some people mentioned having to use libraries, coffeeshops, or hot spots to learn to code:

Toward the end, the conversation shifted to how we have been affected by the internet. Most people said they thought internet access had been positive for them:

People mentioned being able to communicate in ways we’ve never been able to before.

Others mentioned how the internet has changed their lives for the better.

It was really interesting, though, to see people talking about how internet has become a bit of a “double-edged sword”.

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to go on CodeNewbies and help shed some light on this issue. This conversation just puts real faces on the issue of inconsistent internet access. We know what the studies say, but seeing how many people throughout the conversation dealt with not having good access or a slow connection really drove the point home.

Thanks for having me, CodeNewbies!