I’ve been considering moving off of Github Pages for a while because of issues with HTTPS not working with custom domains.

But Github Pages makes everything so easy! Just push to the repository where my code would live anyway and boom, it’s done. So when they introduced HTTPS for custom domains, I was ecstatic!

The only problem was, I couldn’t find specific steps all in one place for how to do it. So I wrote down what I did here so you don’t have to have six tabs open like I did.

1. If you see an error about not being able to use HTTPS, check your DNS provider.

You probably need to change the IP address your domain’s A record is pointed to. A list of IP address you can use is available here.

2. Go into your repos settings and delete the custom URL and save.

2.1 While still on this page, re-add the custom URL and save.

This will trigger the CNAME file being deleted from your repo, and then re-added which will trigger the HTTPS availability.

3. While still on the settings page, click Enable HTTPS underneath your custom url.

This took a couple of minutes for me (less than 5 minutes) because they had to generate the certificate. Once the certificate is generated, you’ll be about to click the checkbox.

Aaaaand, voila! You now have HTTPS enabled on your site.

Vive la Github Pages!

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